Stretch Stamping Die
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Stretch Stamping Die

Factory processing stores, 15 years of processing experience escort you. For many years, we have been focusing on the production and processing of tungsten steel die fittings, Stretch Stamping Die, PG optical curve grinding, plane grinding, internal and external circle grinding and other non-standard parts, which are widely used in stamping dies, drawing dies, powder metallurgy dies and so on. And look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Stretch Stamping Die


1.Stretch stamping die Introduction

Stretch stamping dies, that is, wire drawing dies, refer to various dies for drawing metal wires. The wire drawing die has a wide range of applications, which is mainly used for drawing linear difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, wire pipes, etc.

2.Stretch stamping die Feature

Stretch stamping die has strong hardness and high bending strength, stable product performance and mirror finish of inner hole.

The Stretch stamping die has bright surface, and its wear resistance exceeds that of die steel, and the surface of machined parts is not damaged. Compared with the steel mold, it has the advantages of good heat conductivity, no sticking to the mold, uniform temperature distribution of the mold in work, no cracks caused by local high temperature, and no cold sweat, scratches and wrinkles in the stretched product.

3.Product Details


4.Product Qualification

 Dongguan Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system, with strong strength, excellent service, professional metallurgical experience, complete supporting facilities; and a number of proficient sales personnel and technically experienced Operators, strict quality management system and scientific and rigorous management mechanism, I believe that what you get in Kyoto is not only the guarantee of material quality, but also the professional services we provide you at work.



Q:Can I only buy some spare parts from you?



Q:Will you will attend the fair to show your products?



Q:How many staffs do you have in your factory?

A:There are 25 employees


Q:Do you have any agent in our country?


Q:Do you have any real project pictures of the equipment?

A:Yes, you can contact us if you need.


Q:How far is your factory from the city hotel?

A:About ten minutes.


Q:How far is your factory from the airport?

A:About an hour.


Q:How long it will take from Guangzhou to your factory?

A:About two hours.


Q:Where is your factory located?

A:Dongguan, Guangdong, China


Q:Do you provide free spare parts ?



Q:Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

A:Yes, the samples are free


Q:What is your term of payment?

A:30 days.


Q:What is your MOQ?

A:MOQ is 10.


Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:We are a manufacturer.


Q:How long is your delivery time?

A:7 days.

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