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Precision Mold Parts

Dongguan Jingdu Cemented Carbide Products Co., Ltd. is a professional China Precision Mold Parts Manufacturers and China Precision Mold Parts suppliers. Our factory which manufactures Tungsten Steel Processing,Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Steeland, Cemented Carbide Mould. We have a complete and scientific quality management system, with strong strength, excellent service, professional metallurgical experience, complete supporting facilities, and a number of proficient sales personnel and technically experienced Operators, strict quality management system and scientific and rigorous management mechanism.

According to customer's needs or requirements, we can provide all kinds of high-precision die punches and accessories. The uniformity of Precision Mold Parts can be controlled within 1 μ m according to customer's needs. The working face can be polished by mirror according to actual requirements, and the delivery is fast!

Material of punch:Precision Mold Parts can be customized according to the material required by customers, and it can also choose other cemented carbide tungsten steel materials which are more suitable according to the different needs of each customer.

Punch drawing:Precision Mold Parts can be customized according to customer's requirements (provided drawings), dimensions and tolerances, and can also be customized according to samples sent by customers.

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Easy-Maintainable Precision Mold Parts can be specially customized from Jingdu. It is one of the manufactures and suppliers in China. Our design includes classy, fashion, fancy, advanced, newest, durable and other new elements. We can assure you that high quality Precision Mold Parts is with a low price. Our products made in China is expected to become one of the brands. You don't worry about our price, we can give you our price list. When you see the quotation, you will find the latest selling Precision Mold Parts with CE certification can be wholesaled with a cheap price. Because our factory supply is in stock, you can buy discount the bulk of it. We can also provide you with free samples.Our products have one year warranty. Looking forward to working with you.