Production process and scope of application of tungsten steel punch


The tungsten steel punch is made of tungsten steel round bar, which has the characteristics of high precision, high hardness and good bending strength.
Ingredients (main ingredients: WC+TiC+TaC+Co+VC+……)→fully mix→crush→dry→add forming agent after sieving→dry again→sieving to make a mixture→granulate the mixture, press→form → Low-pressure sintering → blank after sintering → inspection (non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection) → blank dimensional accuracy inspection → electrical discharge machining (or wire cutting forming) → rough grinding → fine grinding → polishing → inspection → marking → packaging.
It is suitable for hardware electromechanical processing industry. It is generally installed on a stamping die for punching to separate or plastically deform the material to obtain the required parts. Tungsten steel punches have the characteristics of long service life, corrosion resistance and no rust due to their high hardness, and are favored by the hardware machining industry.