What kind of material is good for customized punching needles?


The punching needle is a die accessory for continuous punching operations on the stamping die, and its quality is very important. If the quality of the punching needle is not good enough, it is easy to break the needle. As the saying goes: Material determines quality. So which material is customized for the punch needle?

At present, the most commonly used material for punching needles is SKD11, which has the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, good toughness, stable performance, and small heat treatment deformation. The material can also be nitrided. After nitriding and quenching, the hardness is about 60HRC, which is very suitable for punching dies and is a good material for customized punching needles.

From the perspective of broken needles, it can be found that the general reason is that the resistance during perforation is too large, which exceeds the bearing capacity of the perforating needle. We should first check whether the mold is deformed or strained, and appropriately increase the inclination of the mold; if it cannot be improved, we need to start with the material customized for the punching needle, for example, we can use better materials, such as ASP, SKH-51, Tungsten steel and other materials.