Cemented carbide producing countries take the Chinese market as a long-term goal


The prosperity and development of the socialist market economy is the best embodiment of advancing with the times. As one of the super-hard tools, cemented carbide inserts are powerful cutting tools in the production and processing industry. As a modern industrial tooth, cemented carbide has a powerful role in promoting the production and manufacturing industry.

As a wealth cutting tool, cemented carbide inserts are the most effective processing tool in modern manufacturing and manufacturing, and play an important role in promoting social and economic development. Cemented carbide belongs to the powder metallurgy industry. It is an alloy material made of hard compounds of refractory metals and bonding metals through powder metallurgy. Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance has become the most important application. As a major country in cemented carbide production and a major global manufacturing country, my country has the most extensive cutting usage rate of carbide inserts, and it is also the position with the most sufficient market share of carbide tools in the world. All cemented carbide production countries have As a long-term goal for the Chinese market, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.

The requirements of economic globalization have made the increasingly fierce market competition present an obvious effect of survival of the fittest. The development of the cemented carbide blade market also needs to keep pace with the times and walk in the forefront of the trend of economic development. my country’s "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has a clear guiding role in the social economy, especially the high-end equipment manufacturing industry’s demand for cemented carbide blades and cemented carbide cutting tools is increasingly front-end, plus domestically made carbide blades that keep pace with the times The performance advantages are becoming more and more obvious, and my country's cemented carbide industry is marching from a big producer to a strong producer.

The rapid development of social economy is the increasingly obvious manifestation of economic globalization, and it is also the greatest achievement of reform and opening up with the times. The advancement of cemented carbide blades is the inevitable direction of the overall development of cemented carbide industry and the most direct market competition. Performance.